Rambles in the silence.

Sometimes, not often, there is silence in my house. Right now is one of those moments. 5 year old is at preschool, 3 year old is watching a cartoon, and 1 year old is napping. My list is a mile long but I sit down to reflect and enjoy this quiet. It never lasts long enough. When it does, something is wrong and I miss it. For example 3 weeks ago, when all 3 kiddos had the stomach flu. There was whining (& crying & vomit & diarrhea…I won’t go there) between a lot of silence but it was far too uncomfortable to enjoy. I missed my little noise boxes! That’s how God brings glory to all moments in life, even the yucky ones.

These are my current thoughts..

I wish every single person knew that they could give all things to Him. Everything and anything! HE CAN turn it around. No struggle or heartache is too big or small.

I want to say, “ It’s that simple” but honestly it’s a daily challenge. Accepting Him and giving all your problems to Him, now that IS simple. Living your life for Christ and being His hands and feet, now that’s a little more complex. I think it even scares people sometimes. He will change you and make you new. Just ask. He came for the lost, He came for you. “For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” -Luke 19:10

I look back through my full journals of prayers to remember how much He has done for my life as a child, woman, mother, and wife. I ask, and He does. As long as it lines up with His glorious plan, it can happen. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

There came a point where I officially stopped struggling to be someone else and became who I was born to be. I was born to be His. Not to just be a Christian and claim Him as my Savior. No. To live everyday in His presence. To have a constant comforter and friend. People, even those who are Christ like will let me down, it’s human nature. People don’t have a divine connection to my soul, Jesus does.