One day at a time

It’s been a while.

To follow up my last post, I knew I had to hold on tight to the rollercoaster ride my life was about to become. I anticipated this. I knew I would feel an array of emotions. I knew that sleep and moments of peace would be little.

I was craving something I had no control over, normalcy and stability. Of course disorderliness is to be expected with such a life change. Regardless of how common it is, a new baby is a BIG DEAL. I simply could not continue running my life the same as before.

My days are exactly how I thought they would be. In the back of my mind, I hoped it would be easier. Nope. Most days are hard and chaotic. Sometimes, OK all the time, peace and quiet really is too much to ask for. That’s OK. I know I will miss this one day. I also knew I would still hear the voice of my Father. I didn’t know how I would hear Him through the noise but I knew He would calm the storm. In Him I DO have stability and comfort. On days when I feel too weak, He shows me my strength. My life may have changed but He never changes. His love for me is the same.

Every day He is showing me my purpose. I won’t pretend like I’m perfect and have this mothering thing figured out because I don’t. Every day He is teaching me to have more patience, to speak kinder, to be more caring, understanding, and just more like Him. Oh how I want to be more like Him.

I’ll just take it one day at a time..

Some days or just moments in the day are sweet.

Some days are sour with lots of  attitude and tears.

Some days we have fun, be silly, and laugh.

Of course some days we have blow ups (or blow outs)!


No matter what I face, Lord, guide me.




One thought on “One day at a time

  1. Lauren, I am in the same place! My third baby is nine months old and though I have longed for her, prayed for her and am so glad she is here … I am exhausted! I literally just posted a blog entry about how I’m slogging through the days and your reminder to take one day at a time is so helpful. Sometimes just one hour at a time is enough! But let me encourage you – it will get better! Your little one looks a few months younger than mine, and things are already easier 🙂 She’s more predictable, and my tolerance for juggling three instead of two has increased, and though we still get many days (like today) when I feel like sinking into a heap and crying, we are getting other days when things run smoothly and I actually cope!! 🙂


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