Little Baby

Little Baby

#3 8 weeks

Hi little baby, it’s your mommy. Sweet baby, you are so little, but you are so alive. Your heart beats and your arms and legs move even though I can’t feel them yet. At just 12 weeks along, little baby I love you so much. I loved you before I even saw two lines. I wanted you before I even knew when you would be coming.

You have stolen my attention, focus, appetite, but most of all my heart. Don’t worry about how sick you are making me feel. Your daddy (when he is home), is doing a good job of making me feel better. You can probably tell when he comes home because he just does such a great job trying to help with whatever pains me. You have a great daddy who is also very excited you are coming. Your brother and sister run for hugs whenever he comes home. Your sister somehow always gets to him first. You will love running to him too one day.

You have me thinking about what your name will be and whether you are a boy or a girl.  Will you have your big brother’s imagination? Or will you love cuddles like your big sister? Your brother and sister sometimes fight over toys as I’m sure you will learn all about. But, sometimes I peek in when they don’t know I’m watching to watch them share a snack. He holds the bowl and hands her one goldfish cracker at a time. My heart melts as I rub my belly and think about you sitting there sharing snacks with them. Although they fight, they love each other very much and they will love you just the same.


You may be feeling me move a lot for 30 minutes a day. You should get used to it. Mommy can’t slack off now. She has to exercise to make sure she can chase after all 3 of you! I have been slacking on my diet so be sure to enjoy all those baked potatoes and French fries while you can! I’ll be aiming for vegetables and meat once you start letting me eat that stuff again.

I stare at your ultrasound picture on the fridge. I am in awe of you. Sometimes I worry, like most pregnant women in the first trimester. But, God always calms my heart. I heard your heartbeat again yesterday and it was music to my ears. The doctor found you right away, no searching around.

God is still busy forming you and I am so blessed to be part of the process.

“I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.”-1 Samuel 1:27

12 weeks2


-Your Mommy, Lauren

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