Watching You

Yep, they are watching, this is so true. The good and the bad, if they see or hear it chances are they will repeat it.

This can be a pain when you’re a stay at home mom. If they say anything bad, ever, guess whose fault it is? Yep, that’s right, Daddy’s! Just kidding! It’s all on me. My son had a problem saying “no way!” to everyone for everything a few months back. Now I can’t recall saying that but I take the blame anyways. And a couple of weeks ago he dropped something and said, “deeemit!” …yeah. *Sigh* that’s my fault too. I just redirected him and said, “you mean aw man! Right?” and he was like “yeah that.”

This has a lot of benefits when it comes to accountability. The last thing I want to do is disappoint my children. If I said we would go to the park I better follow through. They count on me and depend on me to do what I said I would do. This has recently become obvious to me as my children are coming out of the baby stages and more into the kid stages. The accountability can be a huge blessing for being a better person in general.

When they stand beside me while I exercise and pretend they are exercising too. When my toddler reaches her toes and giggles. Or when I hear my son singing a song I taught him while he is suppose to be sleeping. In those moments I realize that almost everything they are learning is from me. How awesome and overwhelming is that?!

I see my husband in my kids all the time. The other day my son leaned on me and kissed my arm and said, “I love you mom”. It was the sweetest thing and I know it’s because he see his daddy do it all the time.  Both of my kids hug me a lot all day, I can’t help but think it’s because my husband is a hugger too.

I wonder if God ever sees himself when he looks at us …

Lord ,

Thank you for these children who are amazing little reminders of your love. Thank you for giving me this huge responsibility and believing that I can do it right. Continue to help me, just as you do every day. When this world gets the best of me, remind me that you are everything. When I know who you are, I know they will know you too. After all, they are watching me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Blame, Guilt and Peace

Thank you Lisa for letting me share my story in your series! It was such a blessing for me to get to share it!

Mom Inspired Adventures

LaurenI’m Lauren, a wife and stay at home mom to two little kiddos. We live in Texas. I have a new found love for being home with my children. I’m embracing everything about this time in my life, sleepless nights, yucky messes and all. I love how the Lord uses all of our difficulties in life as stepping stones to bring us closer to Him.

Thank You Lauren for sharing a very real and honest story about your struggle.

I am not in any position to tell anyone how depression works. I don’t know how depression works. I just know I was healed from it. The Lord knew I was hurting, even when no one acknowledged my pain, He did. I mattered to Him and His love healed me. He knows my name.

I was twenty three years old with two babies two years apart. How blessed was…

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Easter printable cards

With Easter less than 2 weeks away, I think it’s the perfect time to share some Easter pintables!

easter display

I like to take the fun with the serious when enjoying Easter. Easter bunnies, egg decorating, and candy eating are all lots of fun. But, just like Christmas, let us not forget the true meaning of Easter. Our Savior lives!!

Here is a silly poem I came up with:

POEM Easter

To get this silly poem in PDF 3″x3.5″ cards, Click Here

I just had to include these Easter pups in some card printables.Here is two different ones:

our redeemer lives  display

To get these 3″x3.5″ cards in PDF format, Click Here

And one more

He has risen display

To get these 3″x3.5″ cards in PDF format, Click Here

Lately, I haven’t been writing much while I gain more skills with design. Believe it or not there is SO much to learn about graphic design without taking classes. I didn’t intend on making this blog all about printables but this seems to be where it is headed. I don’t know where the Lord is leading me with this skill, but I’m following His direction. This blog is what I call, “My journey through Christ” which includes any new passions I find Him in.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord” -Colossians 3:23 

More Dog Bookmarks

Learning new techniques, so I’m putting out more free bookmark printables. I am having so much fun with dog features this week.

After printing these myself, I realized these might be a little large for some books but they work for me nonetheless. Today I have Dachshund, Shih tzu, Australian Kelpie, and Saint bernard.

puppy bookmarks (2)

To get this bookmark set in PDF format, Click Here.


Dog Bookmarks

Hi everyone, I have another fun free printable to share today! I have been trying to sharpen and expand my new graphic skills. So as a result I would like to offer you some of the designs I have created so far.

Out of so many adorable breeds I could have designed, I picked four different breeds. I had so much fun making the French bulldog, Boxer, Border Collie, and Beagle. These dog breeds have such unique features that are so fun to create graphically. I plan on making matching journal pages next. Other suggestions welcomed.

Puppy Bookmarks
To get these bookmarks in pdf format, Click Here.

If printed on 8.5″ x 11″  cardstock paper, they should be the perfect size for bookmarks.



The Lost

the lost

For a few months, I have been trying to read my Bible more in depth than I have before. I’ve only just skimmed it in comparison to giving each section deep thought. As I read throughout the day, I get caught up on my understanding of some scripture, especially parables. My husband has an amazing gift of explaining scripture. Not just to me, but to anyone who asks him. I am always saying, “OK, what the heck does this mean?” or “wait a minute this seems to contradict this, help?” and he always knows how to explain it.

The parables in Luke 15 talks about people who are lost. Jesus talks about having 100 sheep and 1 goes missing, the shepherd would go out to find the sheep and when he does, he would put the sheep on his shoulders and rejoice in his lost sheep.  “I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”(Luke 5:7) The woman who had 10 coins and loses 1 coin, when she finds it she rejoices in her lost coin. “I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”(Luke 5:10)

And the last parable is, Luke 15:11-32. To summarize, it is about the father who has 2 sons. 1 of his sons wants his inheritance ASAP. He gets his way and goes off and spends every last dime. He becomes broke with nowhere to go. He starts working, feeding pigs. He is starving and he wishes he could eat the pig’s food. He thinks of his father and how even his father’s servants are better off than he is. While feeling unworthy to be his father’s son he goes home to ask to be his father’s servant instead. His father rejoices in his lost son and he throws a big celebration. The other son is unhappy because he has never disobeyed his father. But, his brother is the one who gets the celebration. “ ‘My son,’ the father said, ‘you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ ”(Luke 15:31-32)

At first, when I pondered this parable, I could really relate to the son who followed the rules. I thought it really isn’t fair that I never wonder very far yet those who are lost, He rejoices in. After asking for my husband’s advice to grasp the meaning of these parables I started to understand. And now I have a hard time remembering what was so difficult to understand.

But anyways, what was I thinking!?! Of course it’s fair! Those who have been lost and suffering absolutely deserve to be rejoiced. They deserve a celebration. Making way to the Lord isn’t always easy and He doesn’t claim it to be. I came to Christ at a young age compared to many. And I have been with the father all along. Since finding Christ, I have been spared the suffering of feeling lost! That alone is praise worthy!


Thank you for your love that never fails. I pray that your love speaks to the lost, those who are wondering aimlessly with no direction. I pray that when they catch a glimpse of you that their heart overflows. Let them know that with you, unimaginable blessings are in store. When you find them and you put them on your mighty shoulders, let them feel you rejoice! I pray that they know their void is now filled through you, Christ Jesus. Amen.